. What is the detailed syllabus of the CA ITT course?

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Hi, I want to know about th detailed syllabus of the CA ITT course. Jaggu

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Hie Jaggu, Syllabus of the 100 Hours “Information Technology Training Programme (ITT)” of the ICAI is mainly divided into 12 parts with focus on IT Skills that may be required as CA Professional, is as under: **1. Computer Fundamentals ( 1 Hour)** Computer Concepts, Parts of a Computer, Input / Output Devices, Auxiliary Storage Devices **2. Operating Systems ( 6 Hours)** Introduction to Operating Systems, An Overview of Windows 7 **3. MS-Word ( 6 Hours)** Introduction to MS-Word 2010, The Insert Tab, Managing Documents, Page Formatting, Printing and Mailing **4. MS-Excel ( 15 Hours)** Introduction to MS-Excel 2010, Cell Referencing, Ranges and Functions, Applications of MS–Excel, Formatting Worksheet and Creating Charts, Data Forms and Printing, Macros, Hyperlinks and Data Protection **5. MS-Power Point ( 5 Hours)** **6. Data Bases ( 15 Hours)** Introduction to Databases, Creating and Working with MS-Access Tables, Filtering, Sorting and Creating Relationships, Creating Microsoft Access Queries, Creating Forms, Creating Reports **7. MS-Office utilities ( 3 Hours)** Calendar and Scheduler, Microsoft Outlook 2007 **8. Accounting package ( 20 Hours)** Principles of Accounting, Basics of Tally.ERP 9, Voucher Entry in Tally.ERP 9, Generating Reports in Tally.ERP 9, Financial Analysis Tools in Tally.ERP 9 **9. Computer Aided Audit Techniques ( 12 Hours)** **10. Web Technology & System Security and Maintenance ( 10 Hours)** Internet Basics, Internet Services and Languages, Internet Connections and Addressing, World Wide Web (www), E -Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) **11. E-Filing ( 5 Hours)** **12. Digital Signatures ( 2 Hours)** In addition, a student is required to submit a project based on topics covered during the training.

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