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Overview of Industry Endorsed Certificate in Finance & Banking Fundamentals-International Online Course

An excellent Foundation program; the 3 courses, cover critical concepts in Finance; financial instruments, stock (equity) markets, currency and bond markets; and an overview of a Bank’s business. A must-do for all banking aspirants – graduates, or MBAs.

Table of contents

Understanding MoneyConcept of Money: An introduction to money, as a standardized unit of exchange.Concept of Interest: What 'Interest' is; Simple and Compund Interest.Compounding and CAGR: Compounding, Effective Interest (Yield); CAGR & its usage.

Inflation: Inflation, Nominal Rate and Real Rate.

Financial Statements

An overview of financial statements - Income statement,Balance Sheet and Cashflow - format and key terms.

Understanding RiskIdentifying Risk: Types of risk a Financial Institution faces.Measuring & Managing Risk: Factors considered to measure risk; risk management techniques such as diversification.

The Risk-Return Framework: How return changes, with the associated risk.

Financial FrameworkThe Financial System Framework: Instruments, markets, market players and regulators.Role of Banks: What a bank does; role of banks for corporates and individuals.The World of Banking: The different types of banks and how they are categorised in the US (such as community banks, credit unions etc.), and the UK.Regulators & Regulations: RBI, Federal Reserve and Bank of England). Key regulations-Basel Norms, Reserve requirements etc.

Key Terms: Flat & Reducing balance interest rates, Pledge, Hypothecation, Mortgage, etc.

Banking BusinessBanking Business Overview: A bank's business model ; Related concepts: Cost of Funds, Net Interest Income (NII) and SpreadThe Business Offerings of a Bank:a) Business Divisions: Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, etc.b) Mid & Back Office functions: Risk Management, Asset/Liability Management etc.c) Support Functions: Audit, Finance & Control etc.

Channels: The channels a bank uses; features of each.

Retail BankingBanking Structure: The organisational structure and business units of the Retail banking division.Liability Products: Types of liability (deposit) products in India, the US/UKIndia: Saving Accounts, Current Accounts, Public Provident Funds, Term Deposits, and NRI deposits. Key processes around CASA and Fixed deposits.US: Money Market Accounts, Checking Accounts, Certificate of Deposits and Individual Retirement Accounts, etc.UK: Fixed Rate Deposits, Individual Savings Account etc.Liability Processes: A discussion on operations around the lifecycle of a liability product (deposit).Asset Products: Categarization basis security, repayment and interest rate; typical loan products such as Home loans, Vehicle loans, credit cards, etc. The typical loan lifecycle.Other Services: Such as, Remittances, Mutual Funds & Insurance etc.

Asset Processes/ Roles: A discussion on various stages of a retail lending process.

Corporate BankingIntroduction: The Organisational Structure, including Transaction Banking and Product Management.Classification of Products: Fund and Non-Fund based products, basis Purpose, Maturity, Revolving and One-Off etc.Funded & Non Funded Facilities: Types of Funded Facilities - Line of Credit, such as Working Capital Loans, Long Term Loans, etc.; Non funded facilities such as LCs & Cash Management, etc.International Trade - Payment Methods:A discussion on International Trade Payment Methods:Cash in Advance, Open Account and Letter of Credit (LC)Credit Evaluation: Qualitative and Qunatitative Analysis required for Credit Evaluation.

Business Banking: Banking for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and its difference from Corporate Banking.

Specialized Divisions and Support FunctionsInvestment Banking: An introduction to Investment Banking, its purpose and its functions - Mergers & Acquisitions, Loan Syndication, Issue Management, etc.Global Markets and Treasury: An overview of the Global Markets and Treasury division.Private Banking: An introduction to Private Banking, its features and the typical Private Banking workflow.Sales and Marketing: A discussion on sales as a function for a bank, how do banks achieve their sales in retail banking; sales in corporate banking.Asset and Liability Management (ALM): An overview of ALM and its importance. How ALM is done in Financial Institutions.

Other Functions: Human resource management; Legal & compliance, Audit, etc.

Insurance - Product overview

Introduction: What is Insurance? Basic understanding on how insurance works.Players in Insurance: Various players in the Industry such as Insurance Distributors, Regulators etc.Insurance Products: Classification of insurance products (general and life insurance).Life Insurance: Concept of Life Insurance, its beneficiaries and types of life insurance.Health Insurance: Basic understanding of Health Insurance.

Insurance - Process

Processes in Insurance, Understanding the Business of Insurance.

Payment SystemsIntroduction to Payment Systems: The players in a payment system; key terms - clearing, settlement, float, correspondents, etc.Clearing and Settlement: The process of clearing and settlement with examples. RTGS & Deferred Net Settlement systems.

Categorisation of Payments:A category wise discussion on the following modes of payments-- Paper based payments- Card based payments- Electronic payments

Risk Management in Banks and NDFIsIntroduction: An introduction to the three steps of Risk Management.Typical causes of Financial Crises: The root causes of the financial crises (such as - Asset Liability Mismatch, Fraud etc.)

Risk Management Process: Mapping types of risk to the functions of a bank; Var methodologies; the Basel Norms for Capital Adequacy.

Banking Laws & Regulatory ComplianceKey Banking Laws (India): A brief description on the key banking laws in India (such as - Negotiable Instruments Act, UCPDC, SARFAESI Act, KYC and Anti Money Laundering).Key Banking Laws (USA): A brief description on -Key lending laws (such as - ECOA/ Reg B, TILA/ Reg Z, RESPA and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.)Key Deposit Laws (such as - EFT Act/ Reg. E, Expedited Funds Availability Act/Reg. CC, Gramm Leach-Bliley Act (GLB)/ Privacy Policy/Reg. P, and TISA (Truth in Savings Act)/Reg. DD).UCPDC: The UCPDC and key features.Regulatory Compliances (India):A discussion on the Reserve Requirements, Capital Adequacy Norms, and Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML).

Regulatory Compliances (US): A discussion on the CIP Requirements, OFAC Compliance and The Bank Secrecy Act.

Technology in BankingA Core Banking System (CBS): Technology in banks; understanding a CBS and its applications (such as - Centralized data repository, MIS, Risk management system etc.)Different modules of a CBS: An overview of the modules in a CBS (such as - Corporate Banking Module, Investment Banking Module, Domestic and International Payments Module etc.)

Other technology applications: Cheque Truncation - how it works, and technological challenges.

About faculty of Industry Endorsed Certificate in Finance & Banking Fundamentals-International Online Course

Anjali Mullatti
Anjali has worked in Blow Plast, Bank of America (retail assets), and Cognizant Technology Solutions – pre-sales and heading domain competency- Financial Services Group.

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