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Table of contents


Chapters Subject Content
Chapter: 1 Indian Capital Market
Topic: 1.1 Overview of Indian Financial System
Topic: 1.2 Capital Market/Securities Market
Topic: 1.3 Primary Market
Topic: 1.4 Secondary Market
Topic: 1.5 Stock Market and its Operations
Topic: 1.6 Market Index
Topic: 1.7 Introduction to Capital Market Instruments
Topic: 1.8 Capital Market Instruments (Equity & Preference Shares)
Topic: 1.9 Chapter Summary
Chapter: 2 Security Analysis 
Topic: 2.1 Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
Topic: 2.2 Economic Analysis
Topic: 2.3 Industry Analysis
Topic: 2.4 Company Non-Financial Analysis
Topic: 2.5 Company Financial Analysis
Topic: 2.6 Company Valuation
Topic: 2.7 Case Studies
Topic: 2.8 Introduction to Technical Analysis
Topic: 2.9 Charting Techniques and Chart Patterns
Topic: 2.10 Price and Volume Indicators
Topic: 2.11 Resistance and Support Indicators
Topic: 2.12 Momentum Indicators
Topic: 2.13 Elliot Wave Theory
Topic: 2.14 Capital Market Instrument: Bonds
Topic: 2.15 Bond Analysis
Topic: 2.16 Bond Valuation
Topic: 2.17 Chapter Summary
Chapter: 3 Money Market Operation 
Topic: 3.1 Money Market Institutions, Instruments & Future Possibilities
Topic: 3.2 Determination of Interest Rates
Topic: 3.3 Chapter Summary
Chapter: 4 Futures, Options and Other Derivatives 
Topic: 4.1 Introduction to Derivative
Topic: 4.2 Types of Derivatives (Futures and Options)
Topic: 4.3 Pricing of Futures
Topic: 4.4 Option Valuation
Topic: 4.5 Application of Futures
Topic: 4.6 Application of Options
Topic: 4.7 Option Trading Strategies
Topic: 4.8 Embedded Derivatives
Topic: 4.9 Introduction to Commodity Market & Commodity Derivatives
Topic: 4.10 Other OTC Derivatives
Topic: 4.11 Derivatives Segment Indian Scenario
Topic: 4.12 Chapter Summary & Case Study
Chapter: 5 Portfolio Theory & Asset Pricing 
Topic: 5.1 Risk and Return
Topic: 5.2 Risk and Return Models
Topic: 5.3 Portfolio Theories
Topic: 5.4 Sharpe Index Model
Topic: 5.5 Asset Allocation Strategies
Topic: 5.6 Portfolio Management Framework
Topic: 5.7 Case Study & Chapter Summary
Chapter: 6 Mutual Funds 
Topic: 6.1 Introduction to Mutual Funds & ETFs
Topic: 6.2 Measuring Funds Performance
Topic: 6.3 Case Study & Chapter Summary 
Chapter: 7 Financial Policies & Corporate Strategy 
Topic: 7.1 Strategic Financial Decision Making Framework
Topic: 7.2 Strategy at Different Hierarchy Levels
Topic: 7.3 Financial Management
Topic: 7.4 Interface of Financial Policy and Strategic Management
Topic: 7.5 Balancing Financial Goals vis-à-vis Sustainable Growth
Topic: 7.6 Case Study & Chapter Summary
Chapter: 8 Project Planning and Capital Budgeting 
Topic: 8.1 Feasibility Study
Topic: 8.2 Contents of a Project Report
Topic: 8.3 Social Cost Benefit Analysis
Topic: 8.4 Capital Budgeting under Risk & Uncertainty
Topic: 8.5 Capital Budgeting under Capital Rationing
Topic: 8.6 Capital Budgeting under Inflation
Topic: 8.7 CAPM Approach to Capital Budgeting
Topic: 8.8 Replacement Decision
Topic: 8.9 Real Option in Capital Budgeting
Topic: 8.10 Case Study & Chapter Summary
Chapter: 9 Leasing Decisions 
Topic: 9.1 Leasing
Topic: 9.2 Types of Leasing
Topic: 9.3 Advantages of Leasing
Topic: 9.4 Disadvantages of Leasing
Topic: 9.5 Financial Evaluation
Topic: 9.6 Break Even Lease Rental (BELR)
Topic: 9.7 Cross Border Leasing
Topic: 9.8 Case Study & Chapter Summary
Chapter: 10 Dividend Decisions 
Topic: 10.1 Introduction to Dividend (Good or Bad)
Topic: 10.2 Dividend Policy
Topic: 10.3 Practical Consideration in Dividend Policy
Topic: 10.4 Theories on Dividend Policies
Topic: 10.5 Case Study & Chapter Summary
Chapter: 11 FDI, FII & International Finance
Topic: 11.1 Foreign Investments
Topic: 11.2 Raising of Foreign Capital ADRs, GDRs, ECBs & FCCBs
Topic: 11.3 Euro Issues: GDRs vs EURO Bonds
Topic: 11.4 International Capital Budgeting
Topic: 11.5 International Working Capital Management
Topic: 11.6 Case Study & Chapter Summary
Chapter: 12 Foreign Exchange Exposure & Risk Management 
Topic: 12.1 Foreign Currency Market
Topic: 12.2 Exchange Rate Quotations & Forecasting
Topic: 12.3 Exchange Rate Theories
Topic: 12.4 Foreign Exchange Derivatives (Forwards, Futures, Options & Swaps)
Topic: 12.5 Management of Transaction, Translation & Economic Exposures
Topic: 12.6 Hedging Currency Risk
Topic: 12.7 Case Study & Chapter Summary
Chapter: 13 Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring 
Topic: 13.1 Introduction to Mergers, Acquisition & Takeover
Topic: 13.2 Reasons and Rational for M&A
Topic: 13.3 Problems, Gains & Synergy from M&A
Topic: 13.4 Accounting for Amalgamations
Topic: 13.5 The Acquisition Process, Due Diligence & Target Firm Valuation
Topic: 13.6 The Defence Process & Legal Aspects of M&A
Topic: 13.7 M&A Case Studies (Success, Failures & Cross Border)
Topic: 13.8 Corporate & Financial Restructuring
Topic: 13.9 Case Study & Chapter Summary
Chapter: 14 Financial Services in India 
Topic: 14.1 Investment Banking
Topic: 14.2 Retail Banking
Topic: 14.3 Online Share Trading
Topic: 14.4 Depository Service
Topic: 14.5 Credit Rating
Topic: 14.6 Consumer Finance
Topic: 14.7 Housing Finance
Topic: 14.8 Factoring
Topic: 14.9 Debit Cards
Topic: 14.10 Case Study & Chapter Summary
Chapter: 15 Question Paper
Topic: 15.1 Nov,14 Question No. 1
Topic: 15.2 Nov,14 Question No. 2
Topic: 15.3 Nov,14 Question No. 3 & 4
Topic: 15.4 Nov,14 Question No. 5, 6 & 7
Topic: 15.5 May,15 Question No. 1
Topic: 15.6 May,15 Question No. 2 & 3
Topic: 15.7 May,15 Question No. 4 & 5
Topic: 15.8 May,15 Question No. 6 & 7


About faculty of CA Final Strategic Financial Management By Ramakar Jha

Ramakar Jha
Mr. Ramakar Jha has a teaching experience of over 15 years. He has developed modules for National Stock Exchange's Certification in Financial Market. He has also written a book on Financial Management.

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